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Firefighter Training

Becoming A Firefighter Is About Working Hard, Training Hard, and Practice, Practice, Practice... 

If you want to be a firefighter, you need to be ready to sweat, learn, and repeat. Firefighting is not a job for the lazy or the faint of heart. You have to train your body and your mind to face any challenge that comes your way. You have to practice your skills and drills until they become second nature. You have to work hard, but also work smart, as a team player and a leader. Firefighting is about passion, dedication, and courage. Are you up for it?

York County Fire School Class Schedule - YCFS Courses

Training Expenses Reimbursement Request FormTraining Reimbursement Guidelines

Basic Skills Needed...

• Nims Training(100,200,700,800)- Required NIMS courses(Self Study provide certs to training 
•  Pa Training Portal(Hazmat awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens) ( Self Study provide certs to 
training officer)
•  York County Fire school(Member approved Courses)- See Training Officer for scheduling and 
•  Bucks County Public Safety(Member approved Courses)- See Training Officer for scheduling and 
• Annual Requirements- Hazmat Operations Refresher, SCBA refresher
• Every other Year Requirement- CPR
• Fire Fighter path of training
• N.I.M.5(100,200,700,800)
• Hazmat Awareness
• C.P.R.
• Entry level into the fire service(ELIS)
• Entry Level Fire Ground Support(ELFG)
• Entry level Exterior Firefighter(ELEF)
• Hazmat Operations
• Entry Level Interior Firefighter and Structure Burn(ELIF&SBS)
• Emergency Vehicle Operations Certification
• Basic Vehicle Tech Awareness
• Basic Vehicle Tech Operations
• Basic Vehicle Technician
• FF1
• FF2
• Pump 1
• Pump 2