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Fire Police Services Provided by NYCFR Company

May contain: clothing, vest, grass, plant, lifejacket, face, head, person, photography, portrait, adult, male, man, lawn, accessories, sunglasses, and glasses
May contain: clothing, hardhat, helmet, vest, person, worker, adult, male, man, shorts, machine, and wheel
May contain: clothing, hardhat, helmet, person, worker, adult, male, man, machine, wheel, coat, jacket, vest, car, transportation, and vehicle

Event Traffic Safety

The NYCFR Fire Police are a specialized unit of the Fire Department that assist with traffic management and crowd control during public events. They work closely with the organizers and other emergency services to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the events. The Fire Police are trained and equipped to handle various situations, such as road closures, detours, accidents, and emergencies. They also provide public education and awareness on fire prevention and safety.

Emergency Traffic Control

The NYCFR Fire Police are responsible for ensuring the safety and efficiency of traffic flow during emergency situations. They use their authority and equipment to direct vehicles and pedestrians away from hazards and to create clear paths for emergency responders. The NYCFR Fire Police provide a valuable service to the community and the fire department by reducing the risk of accidents and delays.