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Company Meeting - Last Chance For Nominations.


SECTION 1: Elected Officers. The elected administrative officers of this Department shall consist 
of a President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Chief Director, and Four 
(4) Directors At Large. The elected operational officers of this Department shall consist of a 
Chief of the Department, Deputy Fire Chief, and Two Assistant Fire Chiefs. All elected officers 
shall, except Chief of the Department, Deputy Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chiefs, and the Four (4) 
Directors At Large hold the office for a term of one (1) calendar year, beginning on January 1st, 
except in the event of their earlier death, resignation or removal. The Chief of the Department, 
Fire Chiefs and four (4) Directors will hold the office for the term of two (2) calendar years, 
also beginning on January 1ˢᵗ, except in the event of their earlier death, resignation or removal. 
All elected officers must maintain their active status in order to remain in office. Employees of 
the organization may not become elected officers of the organization.

SECTION 2:  Appointed Administrative Officers. The Board of Directors may appoint such other 
officers as the effective and efficient operation of the Department requires. Appointed officers 
shall retain their appointment until either they or the Board of Directors deems it necessary to 
change. Except as set forth in Section 4 of Article III of these Bylaws, employees may not serve as 
appointed officers of the organization.

SECTION 3: Appointed Operational Officers. The Captains, Lieutenants and Fire Police Officers
as the effective and

efficient operation of the Department requires.

SECTION 4: Business Manager The Board has the ability to hire a Business Manager who shall serve as 
an ex officio member of the Board (i.e., with a voice, but without a vote). If the Business Manager 

SECTION 5: No Holding Multiple Offices. A member may only hold one operational officer position and 
one administrative officer position during the same elected tenure.

SECTION 6: Nominations for Elected Offices. Nominations from the floor shall be taken at the 
September and October meeting for all elected offices prior to the election to office. All 
nominations will be with the explicit approval of the member being nominated. No one may approve 
the nomination on behalf of that member. Those nominated must be 18 years of age or older and must 
be a current active member.

SECTION 7: Vacancies. Vacancies that occur shall be filled according to ARTICLE XIV.

SECTION 8: Qualifications for All Elected and Appointed Officers. All officers must meet the 
qualifications outlined in these Bylaws, SOGs and in the Personnel Manual, if stated. Additionally, 
no employee may serve as an elected or appointed officer of the organization.


SECTION 9: Voting. The nominating committee shall research the qualifications of all candidates and 
bring their findings to the November election meeting. If an active member that wishes to vote is 
unable to attend the November meeting due to work, school, illness, and/or is out of town, the 
member may obtain an absentee ballot from the President or designee as approved by the Board of 
Directors. The member would then fill out the ballot and return it in a sealed envelope to the 
President or designee prior to said elections. In the event of uncontested positions a ballot shall 
be required with a majority voting in the affirmative for the candidate.

The President shall appoint two people to count all ballots and report the results to the 
Department (membership) or President. The winning candidate shall be the person receiving the 
highest number of votes.

All ballots will be kept for a period of 60 days after elections.

SECTION 10: Regulations. All officers, both elected and appointed, shall follow the bylaws and all 
regulations as set forth and approved by the Board of Directors.